Friday, July 4, 2008

Karnival Keluarga Petronas (KKP 08)

Last weekend i went to the KKP (Karnival Keluarga Petronas 08) at Bangi. Well actually, i got nothing to do pun with Petronas, but my bro ade la. He's working there.. so jealous..huhu..

Anywaaaay, i dont wanna explain what it's all about.. It's a carnival, so got sports, matches, etc..etc..opening, closing ceremony, bla bla bla.. it's an annual thingy, terasa kedengkian n keenvyan terhadap mereka yg keje ngan Petronas..eeeermmm... So i went there on the last day (closing ceremony i think?), my bro farouk invited me, together with his gf suzy.. so got makan2, concert, n alotta of families there...

They have this mini concert, host by AC Mizal.. and got some performances by petronas staffs (?) i think.. besides that, they have Acha Septriasa, the MAN Anuar Zain and Wings.. Okay malas nak explain lagi.. juz checkout d pics..

AC Mizal n Acha.. playing some games wif kids..
AC Mizal also performed, he sang a few songs too.. Honestly, he IS a cool entertainer, kelakar gile nk mampus n mmg suitable jadik host... u rock AC Mizal!!

Yes, here he is.. THE MAN, ANUAR ZAIN....!


Anuar Zain sang 3 songs.. i think? too mesmerized.. cant remember..huhu.. :p

Awie and his band WINGS.. this man really rocks.. xsangka..huhu..

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S-a-B-r-I-n-A said...

Alamakksss... Awie and the gang!! Terkenang masa nan lalu... I love Wings..