Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Atlast my sis upoad gaks d pics.. d lace..! hehe.. my sis is getting married. n dia kene ler buy kain for family n bridesmaids la kan..hehe. So we went to JLN TAR, d kedai name is FIRST IMPRESSIONS ke ape tah.. d package for kains are quite reasonable... since dah set family theme colour, so senang sket nk carik..mula2 i was eyeing dis 1sweet lace wif pearls, but d price overbudget plak.. so chose a different design yg sweet n classic sgt! so we all naik atas n trus send to d tailor..mula2 xsure nk wat baju per..either kurung modern or kebaya..kakyanti ckp kebaya lagi nice,since she brought a few print outs there, i pun ok je la use dat for reference...dlm photo tu nmpak sweet jer..i like :) THANKS KAKYANTI FOR D KAIN...!!! :)

Okaayyyy.. malas nk citer byk2... d important thing is im in love wif d lace...! simple n x bling2 sgt, xde manik2 or watsoever...mcm xpuas lagi nk tgk lace tu..huhuu.. hmmmm i wonder how d kebaya will look like later.. i ask d tailor to minus d ribbon tengah tu.. hmm..

at d shop atas..where d make d bajus..n got bajus for rental..

my sis kakyanti n daniel

my sis discussing her bajus design

my lace..! :)

the kebaya sample pic (mine minus d ribbon)

sweet n classic... ;p

fyi people, dis is dusty pink ok..

n of course.. ms renee wif her lace.. hehe ;p (syok sendri wif her own kain)