Monday, June 30, 2008


Meowharharharr........! (evil laugh)

okie dis is my 2nd part of my blog post for MUST WATCH..! (here)

Atlast..! i've watched WANTED..! it was totally schweeeeeeet...! it didnt turn me down, just like wat i've expected..!

Okaaay..okaaay.. i sound like a crazy nutcase gone ga-gas over d WANTED movie.. wat to do? it was totally awesome.. overall it's 50/10.. bagi rate lebey sket.... ;p

I went to O.U on sunday, and ape lagi, movie marathon ler.. first I watched KUNG-FU PANDA, and then later at night i watched WANTED.. huhu.. both movies mmg besh... well, not so marathon la, got gap in between for makan n window shopping. So to anyone who haven't watched these movies, better get ur ass to d cinemas n watch em...! Lagi ade feel when u watch em at d cinema... trust me..... ;)

KUNG-FU movie..!
i chose TGV cos x ramai org, bought d 6.20pm movie..
Next movie WANTED i bought d 11pm.. jus nice lor..can makan2 first..

WANTED... loveeeeee it.....!! must buy d DVD simpan so i can
watch it over n over again.. ;p

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