Friday, July 4, 2008

Dear Tokyah....

Dear Tokyah,
Just to let you know that we love you and support you all the way. You're a strong person, but we know you have been sick since what happened to Tokmak, but you didn't tell us. You thought you were strong and don't want us to think you can't handle everything. You don't want us to underestimated you..we never did Tokyah..

Dear Tokyah,
We hope you can be a good patient this time.. Mama said you're a stubborn patient. Even yesterday after your operation (endoscopy? not really sure all this medical stuff), you're not suppose to move.. but u move here and there, which makes mama worries a lot..

Dear Tokyah,

We found out that you need to do another surgery, a BYPASS surgery.. it's risky, but that's the only procedure to save you. Currently now you only have 1 artery to depend on.. other 3 arteries in/out of your heart is damaged... all of us are very worried..

Dear Tokyah,

We are all here to support you. We will take care of you. We will pray for you. We love you so much. Take Care....

with love,
your granddaughter marini

My TOKYAH, Hj Abd Rahim
had a heart attack few weeks back.. in SJMC

Tokyah sleeping @ SJMC

Mama.. reading paper..


Syahr-El said...

Hi renee, thanks for visiting Our Cute Little Paws. So sorry to know about your grand daddy - hopes your tokyah will get well very soon. do take good care of him ok. how are your cats?

Abah & Ayah

lupie said...


Recover well ya!

Rgds, lupie