Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Things that ANNOY me during TRAFFIC JAM

This morning on my way to work, FLY.FM PAGI SHOW crews were discussing about things that annoys u during traffic jam (when u're stuck in a jam, of course). So people calling them up to give their thoughts la.. So some say they get annoyed of lady drivers, small fender-bender, spot-fog lights, bla-bla, n so on la..

I oso have my thoughts too, in fact i have a lot of stuffs dat annoys me when i'm stuck in a jam.. But no cred to call them la.. So i made a list..hehe


1. The traffic jam of course..!

2. Driver who cuts Q - n then didn't even apologize or show a bit of gratitude.. HELLO, i just gave u chance to cut in front of me..!

3. People who KOREK HIDUNG in their car.. like OMG! dats ssoooo dirty la.. x jaga hygiene ka? Showing off you have BIG NOSTRILS and a lot of GOLD inside ur nose or wat??

4. Drivers who set their music volume VERY HIGH, it's either FENG TAU DISCO song or TAMIL DISCO song.. wat in the world man? u think dats COOL..?? -_-

5. Drivers who uses WHITE XEON lights on their car, especially at nite/evening.. come on la..r u dat blind? ur so annoying, and d lights came out from ur car oso can blind other people as well..

6. Makcik/Pakcik/Uncle/Auntie drivers who couldn't care less about other drivers.. with all ur respect, jgn ler driveeee aje...u think other people will kesian u and give way 2u? At dat age, u should get someone to drive u around.... dat's wat sons, daughters, in-laws are for.....

7. When you found out the source of the jam.. either it's NOTHING! or a small FENDER BENDER..! After accident, PLEASE move ur car to the side.. U caused the jam, and then attract people to slow down to watch U calling ur relatives or whoever..aii....

8. Police officers who's NOT DOING THEIR JOBS.. yes, i've seen it all.. Lots of times, i've seen officers just 'wave2', but besides that, they didnt do anything to make the jam better. OR, just stay below a jejantas and 'wave2'.. OR, when it's raining they r no where in sight..!

9. TOLLS.. sometimes when there's a very bad traffic, they closed 1 or 2 booths for wat reason i dunno la.. which CONTRIBUTES more traffic jam.. so geram la..OR, booth operators yang LEMBAB..dah tau jam cepat2 ler..

10. DRIVERS or people in d car next to u, STARING at u (not perasan ya, i mean when u're confirmed dat their staring at u).. most uncorfortable if it's a lorry or truck, when they're vehicle is a bit higher than ur car.. i mean like, they can c everything rite..?

11. Group of middle east people / foreigners.. I don't know y, but when they're a group of them in a car,they tend to STARE/MAKE NOISE/WAVE/PANGGIL2 u to get ur attention/DO GESTURES like 'call me' or 'i want ur num', etc,etc... wat in d world? u have 2ignore them but, it's in a bloody traffic jam..! tak boleh nak lari... argghhh (mind d 'B' word, sorry)

12. Drivers yg x signal.. please USE or signal people, got lazy fingers ha?

13. People who misuse their signal lights.. some people signal so early, padahal ur corner is like, another 1km away!

14. Couples.. some no comment,do la watever u want 2do - entertainment maa.. ;p BUT, some couples are very annoying..esp their GFs..! they think other people trying 2attract their BF, and they'll give their BITCHY JELING 2u.. what?! HELLO, we're in a TRAFFIC JAM , is there anywhere else i can look?

I think there's more.. but can't seem to think any.. hehe.. Well, maybe all of the above are the TOP THINGS THAT ANNOY ME IN TRAFFIC JAM.. Yes, sometimes i just can't bear with all these things..! it makes me stressed out! n in d end of the day, it makes u tired, cranky, moody and become like one of those people oso.. hmm...


Khalidi said...

Thanks Rini 4 ur comments on my blog.

Aidil said...

Hahahaha love comment No.6 about pakcik and makcik. What a direct insult hahahahaha nice nice nice. =D