Monday, July 28, 2008

My short trip to my old 'hometown'.. Miri

My short trip to my old 'hometown'.. Miri
(not exactly hometown, used to stay there for 12years...tu jer)

Just pics.. so malas to write now.. huhu..

Went there just to visit my sis n her family..xde jalan2 pun..malas..

FYI : Auntie uwee is ME...

Surprising not that full for night flight..

Saje amek pic camnie..hoping smthing might appear
outside d window (tuduu..tuduu..tuduu..tuduu.. twilight zone song)

Baby niece Alya Nur

Alya Nur's birthday present from auntie uwee... DORA the explorer..

Surprise for Alya Nur from auntie uwee.. Little Pony and shopping cart not in pic..

Surprise for Arif Iskandar from auntie uwee.. dinosour outfit n rattle not in pic...

Arif and mama.. my eldest doctor sis Kaktini..

Excited baby...

Jgn jealous.. yummilicious laksa sarawak..


longing for mee kolok..!

kenak sik makan lagi..? let's eatt..?

I love pooonyyyy...
alya kept repeating d sammeee thing over n over again..

I love pooowwnneeeyyyyy....

Alya gave a sweet pose in her 'house'

main slide..weeee...

riding auntie uwee's old teddycat.. which i gave her as a handmedown..

uhuk sedih da nie have to leave arif...

baby bucuk arif iskandar.. confirm heart breaker!

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