Thursday, May 29, 2008

Shooting @ scary house...

Shoot for : Drama - Frontpage
Director : Kabir Bhatia
Production : Filmscape
Scene : Episode 6 (camping in hutan.. blakang umah scary ni jer..) a small role for dis upcoming drama, Frontpage... went there to shoot for episode 6, about 3 teenagers tgh camping kat luar.. n then..jengjeng... mane leh citer.. kene la tgk yer..

my role ade dialogue sket jer...but ok la tu, as long i gain experience.. rase mcm lawak pun ade.. although small role as an extra,but big for me.. one big step to stardom! huhu..
thanks to director kabir bhatia, filmscape crews..prakash,she,vidhya,others xingat name..kak jee waldrobe, zee make-up artist but my scene xde kene makeup pun..n others.. all of them r friendly n im so happy to work with em.. :)

oh ya n thanks to my cikai phone.. i was unable to take pics of set n other crews n casts.. (geramnyer..aaargh..!) ade sket tp xclear so i letak 2pics ajer in here..

shooting site : scary house in langgak bukit, setapak
sorry not clear la..

me inside d house waiting for supper...
ala kecik nyer pic ku.. nk wat camne hp nmpak slim sket la..huhu~


lupie said...

Hey - congrats!

Renee Meow said...

thanks..! can view d show on (frontpage - episode 6).. awal2 sudah keluar my bulat face..hahar.. :">