Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My First Official Shoot...! yeay..

Yeay sooooo happy.. last sunday i spent half day at titiwangsa for my first indie movie shoot.. it went well and finished early.. so officially it was my first movie..! yeayyyy... i tought 'hooperz' will be first..hehe..but this short film called 'Going Nowhere' came first for shooting... Shooting took place at the Eye of Malaysia, tasik titiwangsa.. n tepi jalan near d entrance..

Although it's just a small indie movie, but it's a big step for me... tgh sakit2 badan pun pegi jugak..i dont care, tahan ajer..actually i had netball practice d day before..dah lama xmain kan, so d next day sakit badan oo....xleh nak jln, lutut mmg sakit n lemah giler..tu la,dah gemuk sgt n dah lama x exercise,pastu main over giler....oops terkeluar tajuk plak..continue wif my shooting story... i had such great fun acting n running like pompuan gemuk gila at d streets..people were staring but who cares la..hehe...

Oh ya, tuan scriptwriter, ms cass said she will send this movie for a film festival.. im not sure which one actually...when will it be held oso im not sure.. nvm i'll just wait la kann...hehe beshnyer..so excited! i hope ms cass (tuan scriptwriter & director) n her pal ms aini (tuan director & cameraman) will forward d director's cut asap..coz xsabar la.. mesti lawak seeing myself..hehe ;p papepun, im so happy to work with them, they're so friendly and really fun to work with.

Title of d movie : Going Nowhere.. it's a about a girl who's suddenly found herself lost trying to get her way back, n in her journey she kept on running with a mysterious lady who's trying 2help her..in d end she found out dat....jeng jeng jeng... kite kembali lagi selepas ucapan dari sponsor kami.. (hehe secret maa..cannot tell now la...) gotcha.. ;p

Oh ya..u know wat.. d next day on monday.. my badan had gotten worse..! langsung xleh nk jalan or angkat my arms..coz it hurts so bad.. lagi teruk dari pegi gym lifting weights... mayb itz d running scene triggered d pain more..ntah la... zmn muda2 dulu xde plak camni bile main sports.. adoilaa..

Shoot for : Indie Short Film (Going Nowhere)
Director : Cass & Aini Idora
Production : Indipendent
Location : Eye of Malaysia / Tasik Titiwangsa area

Going Nowhere by Cass

ain & cass

the view from eye cafe

shooting site : the eye of malaysia

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