Monday, April 28, 2008

my YouTube page

WOW it's been a loooonnnggg time i haven't update my blog page. so malas la.. since today's been a boring n sleepy day, i end up updating a few things on d web. I updated my YouTube page, changed d background image from all-pink to cute crowny images..which i love! very the vass~ so xde la sakit mata nk mengadap hot pink page tu dah (yet i still like pink)..

no new vids to upload.. talk about vids, i was surprised my view rate was increasing dis month..! (one of d vids view rate is up to 656!) ya la not dat much like other popular vids but who ever watch some fat girl singing??? but eventually, it made my day..hahar.. perasannn~ (syok sendiri daa..)

so if anybody wanna drop by checkout my YouTube page, here's my link :

or juz simply type maernee in search n u'll find me.. hehe.. ;p i dunwan 2post d vids here..maluew sayer..~

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