Monday, April 28, 2008

Acoustic Showcase @ Cantumas Cafe

Hey guys.. kalau free2 tu meh la dtg ramai2 support local act performing..
Komuniti Satu Untuk Semua buat weekly showcase, so ade byk bands yg terlibat.. since it 'll be held in Cantumas Cafe (SetiaWangsa), u guys can eat n watch them perform.. baru besh.. dont expect it to be like a gig or smthing, itz juz a simple acoustic showcase.

MOST IMPORTANT.. if ur my fren, please come on the 23rd May (4th week performance), coz AUTOMATIKA is performing.. y? do i need 2explain? ehemmm xyah ler,phm2 je la.. ;p hehe.. although u guys havent heard of them, well now's the time la.. nanti dah famous nyesal plak.. hehe ;p selaku manager diorang, i'll definitely b there la bleh la jejak kasih ngan u all.. ;p