Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's all about NetBall....

"What? Netball? Marini main netball? warghahhahaha so funny la..xleh caye la.."

Yes, that's what i've been hearing that A LOT from people lately (including my bf n family members).. Ya la i admit, i'm not a netball player, zaman skolah main pun sket2 jer... setakat join member2, riadah ptg, class tournament, etc... during skool times, i played tennis,table tennis, hockey, handball, badminton, volleyball, basketball..(wah byknyer...hehe! -for fun mostly). d outstanding ones (wakil skool) is hockey,tennis n table tennis (nak kene bgtau jugaaak.. ;p) but netball is always d last if given a choice. Y?

1. The constant shouting n shrieking.
2. Too many people crammed into a small space.
3. D person created dis game decided 2divide d very small space into thirds, put semi-circles at each end for d goal shooters and then decided dat u cannot do anything except 2land on one foot and take a single step before you pass the ball.
4. When girls play, they play hard. They're so serious they'll turn into a mean bitchy machine.
5. Too many rules too follow..3feet, body contact, etc, etc..
6. I find it not very fun to play it.. (ya la..cannot force ppl meh)

sample pic of people playin netball

But recently, i have to motivate and dedicate my self to play netball. And NOT LOSING WEIGHT. can meh? Netball is a sport, sport is a form of exercise, exercise makes people loose weight..so how?

Whatever it is, even how crazy it seems.. i must do it. must practice n at d same time maintain my fat ass... so xde la worry sgt pasal my weight gain nie.. hehe. ade hikmah disebalik my weight gain nie.. so if org yang dah lama xjumpa tu tegur about my FATNESS, i can say dat la kan..

Oh ya.. u must be probably wondering.. what's d reason? what makes me wanna play netball? what makes me pushing myself hard for this netball thingy? what makes me happy about my weight gain? hehehe.. d reason...is..... (drums please..) d pic below explains all.. ;)

d reason behind it all...

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