Saturday, April 11, 2009



ok so malas to write much.... wedding nie is actually the sister of my sister's bf.. giler susah nk explain... her hubby is an italian and im so freaking envy..! hehe.. my sis's kinda involved wif d event so im there supposedly to be her helper..

unfortunately i arrived a bit late, so juz tlg2 sket jer ler.. atleast i helped to get d make-up artist (Kak Hana) and my cute photographer fren i kenal from facebook (Mohd Azrul Helmy).. hmm wonder i dpt commission ke x.. huhu...

Anywayyy, i'll just post whatever i have here and post more pics once i have em...

credit to kak hana

credit to kak hana

my sis yanti
credit to kak hana

playin wif d rose petals on d table

playin wif d rose petals on d table..
tot of snapping a pic of a cute white guy named Sander but takut..huhu..i tot d other fren wif him is his bf..dangs..!

yes i know.. biase ler syok sendiri pics....

i wore a black modern kurung..



'baju dalam' of d kurung.. perlu ker pose camni? i dunnnoowww..


hangin out in d room..

*fluttering eyelashes*

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