Thursday, April 23, 2009

Once upon a time in a CYBER CAFE....

This is a god-damn funny experience i had...n kinda weird to say the least (for me). Okay there's this one time i went to a cyber cafe near to my place (last week jer ;p). So tgh lepak main cs wif my bro (Yes i play CS, i will story2 about it later)..n then came this old lady n of all pcs there, she sat beside me...

So at first i xlayan la dia.. mcm xkisah sgt la kan.. n then suddenly, i terperasan she looks to d RIGHT, n then looks to d LEFT... n then, she turned her monitor away, facing to her la... xphm? dia pusingkan monitor tu xnak kasi org nampak..

n then, bila ade org lalu she will get panicky and turned her monitor ke dalam lagi.. so i rase mcm pelik la kan.. i pun mcm turned my head sket la n looked to d left..(more like a quick glance).. n then cepat dia mcm cover and gerak2 her she watchin PORN or something..??

I wonder what she was up to.. tp nak buat macamaner xnampak.. huhu.. awal2 dia dah pusingkan her monitor.. ntah ape la.. i macam nak gelak jer tp tahan.. cos nk concentrate main cs.. so i geram sgt, i snap a few of her pics.. u can see d monitor dia pusing gile almost 90%.. hahar..keji2..


"hmm...yeah gay porn" (*rekaan semata2)

very suspicious old lady..

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