Monday, June 29, 2009


Argh lamanyer x update.. mcm xtau nk tulis hape.. huhu.. i've been posting weird stuffs lately n macam mysterious plak kan...mesti rase mcm pelik jer.. haha cian u all mcm clueless..

ok la now i hv smthing to write about.. starting wif my sis.. she's getting married this year, mayb after raya.. yeah i know quite last minute, cos normally ppl nak prepare 1year n blabla.. but she'll manage it.she's d independant type n wants to prepare everything on her own..

2nd, my buddy from semesta (my skool) is getting married this weekend. rafidah d uber-perfect girl from semesta.. very popular at skool, gorgeous, slim, tall, genius, top student, athlete, prefect, everything lah.. all packaged in one.. i actually missed a lot of weddings(ex semesta frens), so i'll make sure i wont miss dis one.. she's one of my best buddies (mase skool dulu ler)... n kinda miss her lar..n oso my other frens too, namo,jar,kakchik,nazilah,arnie,yaya,normy,matun,etc..etc..ramai lar.. i hope they'll come too.. nanti macam reunion plak..i hope i wont cry..haha ;p


Anonymous said...

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Renee Meow said...

hey thanks hillary..thanks for dropping by.. sure i'll checkout ur site.. :) take care.. :)