Monday, January 17, 2011


MeowMeow all humans..

alahai kesiannyer my blog yg satu nih, since i start my wedding blog (Renee Meow's Wedding Journey),  trus da xactive da yg nie.. huhu.. giler lama hiatus since last year.. hahaha.. So my first entry for 2011 is (for this blog), is all about my kitties.. yes i love cats.. nickname pun meow kaann... hehe.

Saje nak update my current cats.. dulu punye sumer dah xde since my breakup wif previous ex (owh baru terperasan i xmention kat sini kan..haha ;p). Ada yg dah meninggal, n ada yg bagi org for adoption cos dulu stay kat umah family. so now i have start a new life, new pad, new cats, new everything..!! hehe.. im sooo happy since this 1year.. :) Alhamdulillah, hopefully everything will be running smooth...Ahem ok, tertukar topic plak.. hehe.. ok here are my current cats..all of them are veryyyyyyy special.. :)


SYASYA's a VERY special cat.. dia ni BKU (binatang-kurang-upaya).. she's born with a birth defect on her front two legs .They are bent inwards (bengkok ke dalam) at an angle which makes it difficult for her to run or climb, cian dia kan...but she can move around comfortably and walk..laju plak tue.. hehe..

Got her from petfinder. her previous owner called her venus but i changed to SYASYA :) owner ckp dia DSH (domestic short hair), tp bile i dpt dia terkejut sgt tgk dia wayyyyy cuter n fluffier in d pics...she's actually a DMH kitten (domestic medium hair)..fluffy giler.. wee suke sgt.. :D

when i 1st time saw her dgn kaki cacat dia tu trus fell in love. my heart instantly nak takecare of her n give extra special care n love to her... :) she's cute n very2 MANJA..! I think she's now almost 1year old..dah besar dah..huhu...everynight confirm nak tido same2, kalau i tutup pintu dia akan bising nak masuk..huhu..i love my babykitty... ;)

Got Tigger from one of my fav makan place dekat umah when he was around 3months.. mase dtg2 je naik tangga to the makan place, dia dtg trus kat kaki..huwaa cute sgt kan.. dia mcm tau jer his future mama.. huhu.. My boyfie pun sukaaaa sgt2 kat dia cos he's playful n ada corak tabby yg chantek..kira Tigger is my boyfie's cat ler.. So we took him, but of course i la kene jaga kan.. Paling best tigger ni, he's superfierce  dan gagah giler.. huhu.. n at the same time he can be supermanja... :)i love my kitty meowgagah! :D

My new cat COCO.. given FOC by uncle cina from a petshop nearby.. he said dis cat is normal domestic cat but VERY unique colours n pattern, n oso very manja.. uncle petshop tu ckp org buang kat kedai dia, so dia juz keep in his shop..he said the cat stayed too long at his shop so he gave it to me for FREE..! :) hehe...
A few days at home dia ni mmg penakut giler..pastu serious kelam kabut la tuh.. but now dah ok sket, manja n very2 playful.. but problem coco is very noisy..!! argh xthn.. ingatkan nak send for adoption, but at this moment i'll keep and takecare of her.. ;) 
P/S:perasan x ada kalimah ALLAH kat bdn dia? see pic no 2-4.. Subhannallah.. :)

 original pic sebelah kanan body dia.. nmpak mcm ada kalimah Allah x? kdg2 nmpak..kdg2 xnmpak.. T_T
ni naseb dpt shot ni.. kalau x dia suke lari sana-sini..dia dah stay 1week baru i prasan tau..pastu bila tangkap dia tgk dekat2 xde plak..huhu.


Alahai bleh plak xde pic dia....nanti ler upload.. Smokey is oso given FOC from uncle cine from a nearby petshop.. baik kan uncle tu??? xsilap smokey ni org hantar for boarding, n then tgk2 tuan dia xdtg langsung.. da lama giler uncle tu jaga.. maybe ex-owner smokey dah xsuka dia cos dah tua.. Seriously i think smokey dah 3-4tahun, cos gigi rongak..!! hehe.. smokey's very manja tau.. cian dia perlukan kasih sayang... :) 

dis is not smokey's pic.. but he looks a bit like dis ler.. but more smokey-grey.. ;)

I have another 2other cats at home, but those are my sister's cats.. she asked me a favour to takecare of them. And now she is giving away one...(dia dah xnak dis cat). i plak cant keep her anymore cos xmampu la byk2..xlarat tau...cian plak xterjaga nanti kan.. my sis pun bg allowance to maintain the cats tu sket sgt, da la dorang mkn byk cos getting bigger kan.. So anyone interested with this cat? tuxedo cat named MJ ;) MJ's approximately almost 1year old, very healthy n super manja... She needs a loving home..

MJ (bdn sihat-geram je nak picit) hehe ;p


Renee meow

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coolnye yg kalimah Allah s.w.t kat atas badan dia tu!