Sunday, September 19, 2010


Salam & Hye to all..

Presenting...*drum rolls*.. the birth of my new blog...

especially and mainly about weddings!! :) yeay..

Huhu im so excited u know... This blog will be specially for all stuffs related to weddings and all wedding preparations. I loved weddings since forever and will share all infos and ideas with all BRIDE-TO-BE (B2B) out there. This blog's also inspired by the past brides who had shared their journey, experience and ideas. Since there's alot of SOON-TO-BE brides out there with a wedding blog too, so hey i want one too.. hehe ;) let's share together...

This blog is also part of my wedding journey and my wedding preparations for my big MEOWDAY (wedding, of course) hehe.. Alhamdulillah.. ;"> Doa2kan supaya semua berjalan lancar, Amin.. But, nevertheless, if x kawen pon this blog will still exist anyways.. I had always wanted to create one blog mainly about weddings, pretty stuffs, ideas,etc. Dah lama terpendam, tp xde mood je nak buat.. ;p And oh yeah, i might also make a small business online related to weddings...dah alang2 kan.. ;p

so gals, welcome to my blog....

Let's begin.... ;">


Renee meow

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