Friday, November 14, 2008


Have you ever sit down n wondered... there's so many things u wanna do but xpenah tercapai..? For me, mmg banyaakkkk sg2... and, i made a list just for the fun of it.. hehe..

  1. Date wif long time crush - a crush will always remains as a crush, it's not like ur gonna marry him or rampas from gf (but i think he's single now ;p ).. dats d whole point of having a crush. d guy's not within ur reach!..but kalau ade jodoh..?? wallahualam! hehe.. :">
  2. Own a house - condo is nice..STUDIO APARTMENT is nicer..!! but to have a landed property is d best la kan....
  3. Volkswagen Beetle / Mini Cooper S - i have a thing with d design...
  4. Extremes stuffs (bungee jumping,skydiving,etc) - dis is a must..!!!rollercoaster n extreme rides seems like dah x extreme for me..
  5. Disneyland - dreamed of going since small okeeee.....
  6. Ragdoll cat - their so cute n irresistable..! any cat will do actually but i love em..!
  7. To get my songs on air - originally wrote by me.... xtau la best ke x.....
  8. Kill someone - (literally)... to get my revenge on those people who made me suffer..! yes, im evil..kidding..*cough*
  9. Be a celeb - dunt have 2b mega superstar.. but 2b listed as one is nice.. ya lar, every lil girl's dream wat.. normally ppl wud leave all dis behind when they grew up..but mine, no.. all d fame n invitations to cool dinners,events,free stuffs,etc,etc.... n automatically designers wanna sponsor u, wanna make-up,wanna do dis n dat.. n then *pling*.. ur gorgeous!
  10. To be skinny - not anorexic skinny.. like 45-50kg, so i wud look nice in short dresses n skirts..skinny jeans, all d nice clothes...!
  11. Permanent hair removal.. - do i need to explain?
  12. smooth porcelain FAIR skin.. - although now considered ok, but still got brown spots lar getting older...isk.. who wouldn't want it rite?? i want to be fairrrrr.....
  13. Be my own boss - to have own successful business or actually work in oil&gas company..
  14. To have a cat shelter - to save n help all d stray kitties....
  15. To start painting - i love art! but xpenah nak start painting.. wish i can have time n money to start painting.. n try my luck letak kat gallery.. u never it might worth thousands...or MILIIONS! ;p
  16. To help my parents - they're doing SOOO ok rite now, but it's self-saticfaction thingy..
  17. To travel - alone or wif close frens everywhere...!! i've been longing to do but cannot cos someone's been holding me back.. -_-
  18. Lotsa lotsa money - to do things above

TO BE CONTINUED.. when i have more things to add in dis list.. hehe ;p

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