Thursday, October 9, 2008

Kitty to the rescue..!!

I love kitties...!!

that's kinda obvious huh... hehe :p Anywaaaayyy.............,

Since i have nothing to write about.. (waiting for raya pics from my sisters n brothers to send em to me..!)

I'll just post my recent incident... involving two cats within this 2weeks (before n after raya). I rescued 2 cats recently.. erm wait, I'm not gonna write all here.. i'll just copy n paste my story from a cat forum..hehe.. It's actually a pet-community website, so there's a lot of stuffs to share with other cat-lovers (oso got other pet lovers).. d website is called PETFINDER click here.

I'll paste my thread here.. im gonna upload some pics, soon...

Smile Re: Injured Cat Found.

Hye all..

Darren, BELLE is sooo lucky to have you. You're such an angel..!!! I'm so happy she's recovering now.. :D

Btw, I also wanna share my story of injured cat found

Well, not 1.. but 2 cats, in 2 different occasions..


STORY 1 - lil grey kitty (KECIK)
I was window shopping at a 'pasar malam' in kota damansara. I dunno whether u guys have heard it.. it's called UPTOWN D'KOTA opposite of SEC.6 Kota Damansara...

I seldom go there (although it's so near 2my place), but since it's near RAYA, i thought i might find some cool stuffs there.. My younger bro n my bf came along too.. So after supper we went there dgn penuh semangat..(my bro was damn excited, hoping to find mercun, bunga api, etc). While i was window shopping, i saw a kid n his mom sitting at a platform near d toilet.. it was some kind of sitting area i think.. As i go nearer, i saw d kid was kicking n pushing smthing.. i mmg sudah 'tak sedap hati'. So i went there n there it was.. AN INJURED LIL KITTY..! dat damn kid was kicking it so hard. i dont know why in d world he did dat.. n d mother couldnt care less..! she was so ignorant n just let her kid torturing d innocent lil kitty..

i was so angry,came towards them n i said.. "adik jangan...sakit kucing tu..", i grabbed d lil kitty and took it away from d boy.. i looked at d mother n gave her dat 'tsk,tsk' look, n walk away.. i saw her leave wif an embarassed face...

D kitty looks so pale n hurt...thanks to d torturing by dat useless kid! i guess d kitty was only 2weeks old at dat time.i searched around for d mother, and asked people (working at d stalls) but they oso have no idea where d kitty came from.. i guess someone might have thrown him there.. I was so terrified to see his condition, he was not bleeding or watsoever.. but for a young kitten, i think it was really bad.. his skin was all covered his fungal n crusts, n his ears are really bad it almost came off...! even his 'peepee' looked bad.. his nose was in a weird shape,which i think caused by the fungal? his eyes are teary, and his stomach was big like a balloon..! worms i guess..

So i placed him in my bag n took him back. my bf decided to call him KECIK, hence from the size.. n we couldnt think any suitable name for him..since he's a boy.. kinda hard isn't it??

We kept KECIK in my bf's place.. since he has an extra room for our cats (5 of them - 1 mom + 4babies)... we fed him wif soft kibbles n gave water.. he instantly ate them like a hungry horse.. so kesian.. we only brought him to d vet a week after, (after gaji masuk maa..). Dvet told us he's in good health.. n d vet gave him an anti-fungal cream only because KECIK was so little he can't be given shots at this age.. or he'll DIE...! i dunwan dat to happened..

A week passed by, KECIK was still in d same condition..only little recovery.. semakin lama he gets noisier.. because he wants attention..! so kesian.. i know he wants to play, manja2,sayang2,but his skin condition makes him's as if he dunwan want people to touch him.. sometimes it's sad to see him 'termenung' n watch my other kitties play. My other kittes were hissy at first, but now they already get used to him..i know KECIK wanna play with them, but i cant keep them together because KECIK's skin prob will infect kena quarantine la..

Last weekend i went to d vet again (different vet this time), hoping can get shot to elliminate all those fungal thingys.. but unfortunately he's still too small. D vet gave him a med which i have to use it by rubbing it inside d ears, (d vet told me it's d same med used by other vets 2inject cats with d skin prob).. so it's already been 4days.. n can c alot of recovery..!! yeay..!! i dont have his pics now.. but will upload to show u guys how's he's like now.. hehe...
(Meow MurMurs~)

FLUFFY & KIDS (Shiro, Tigger, Nicky, ChiChi)


Smile Re: Injured Cat Found.

cont : Injured cat

STORY 2 : very manja kitty (MANJA)

I found MANJA yesterday (Wed night, 08oct08)... After dinner with my bf at Sec6 Kota Damansara, my bf stopped at a mini supermarket to a buy ciggie.. after he parked d car , (next to d mini supermarket..) he went out n pointed at a kitty outside,n went straight inside.. I didnt see anything, n thought he was only playing with me.. then suddenly i saw her..! a very thin siamese/burmese kitty.. at first i thought dat might be someone's kitty from d shop.. but she looked soo hungry..

i went outside just to have a closer look (cos she's soo adorable!).. i was surprised she was limping! OMG! at dat point i knew she was dumped, and most probably was hit by car.. n nobody cared..! she looked scared n tried to run away for cover when people passes by. But when i called her.. "meooowww.." she instanly ran to me so fast (despite her limping leg), n came to me-with 1limping leg.. it instantly hits me.. i fell in love with dis 'tempang' kitty..!

i took her n begged my bf to save her.. he says ok, n i brought her to my place... my bf oso felt so kesian wif this kitty.. from her size, she looks like 2months old cat..but very skinny.. but her fur is soft n clean, only little brown stains, from d dirty streets i guess.. her voice is so soft, but she purrs like a motor.. hehe.. we called her MANJA, because she's soooooo loving n manja...

i noticed besides her limping leg, she has a reddish lump under her belly.. it looked like an internal bleeding, so we guessed it must have been from d accident..

so today, my bf brought MANJA to d vet.. they discovered she had a broken leg.. but it happened long time ago, cos it's d leg already healed n now it seems like tulang baru nk tumbuh? im glad MANJA is not in pain, looks like she's gonna be 'tempang' for d rest of her life.. so kesian.. ... but she's a strong character, she'll live through it.. so im ok with dat.. but, d sad part, d reddish lump under her belly is actually HERNIA..! apa la nasib MANJA nie.. dah la kena langgar, terseksa for a long time n then.. hernia pulak..

D vet gave some meds...calcium,antibiotics, n 4got another one..hehe.. but cant do anything with d hernia.. she's still small to do any surgery.. so, we have to follow up with d vet every month.. looks like our family tree is growing... 7 cats oledi..!! yeay

I'll post MANJA's pics to show u guys how adorable MANJA is..
(Meow MurMurs~)

FLUFFY & KIDS (Shiro, Tigger, Nicky, ChiChi)

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